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Royalty Free Document Imaging SDK delivered as .NET and ActiveX components enabling developers to compose, display
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25 March 2014

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Computers have revolutionized the ways of working, entertainment, leisure, communication etc. in a big way. Organizations which used to store their important records in paper form have largely adopted computers for this purpose as it comes as a saving on space, portability costs and time to sort out the documents. But still, you may be having documents in the conventional paper form which you want to export or keep safe, for which you can not find any better means other than converting it into a soft copy. This can be easily done by a document imaging application which can be designed using GdPicture.NET v.8.0.4.

GdPicture.NET is a shareware software development kit for designing a document imaging application for converting a paper document into a soft copy. The developed application will be able to acquire images form TWAIN scanners, display documents, perform image processing, and recognize the characters using Optical Character Recognition technology built into the program. The program supports over ninety vector as well as bitmap image formats ranging from 1 to 128 bits which includes the formats like JPEG2000, JBIG2, PNG, TIFF, PSD and RAW. After this, all the documents can be exported into the PDF formats where the necessary splitting and editing can be easily done. The program has complete support for UNICODE format and the screen capture images can also be edited and integrated into the document. If you already have a PDF from which you can extract image or text, then you can easily do this by custom selecting the text region or image from the document.

GdPicture.NET v.8.0.4 is overall, a comprehensive Software Development Kit for developing a flexible and fully functional, professional usage application which is easy to use, leading it to score four rating points on the scale of five.

Publisher's description

GdPicture.NET is a worldwide best-selling Royalty Free Document Imaging SDK delivered as .NET and ActiveX components enabling developers to compose, display, capture, edit and print documents into they applications.
With GdPicture.NET your programs will be able to display documents, acquire image from TWAIN or WIA scanners, make image processing, perform OCR and many other features covering all mainstream areas of document imaging.
Software Overview:
- 100% Royalty Free.
- Thread Safe.
- Load / Save image in more than 100 formats.
- JBIG2 Support.
- Load / Save image & PDF on FTP & HTTP servers.
- Import / Export image from DIB, RAW, GDI+ Bitmap, HBitmap, HICON, IPicture, .NET Stream, String data, Bytes array data...
- Create image from screen capture.
- Display Raster Images, Metafiles & PDF within a full-featured document viewer.
- Mouse tools for documents viewing: Area selection, Pan, Page change, Zoom In, Zoom Out...
- Print Image & PDF with complete control over the printing process & using featured printing dialog box.
- Manipulate multipage TIFF image (insert, remove & swap pages).
- Manipulate animated GIF image (insert, remove & swap frames, set frame delay & disposal method...).
- Convert an image from one bitdepth to another.
- Draw barcode, image, shapes and text.
- Support all TWAIN 2.2 & WIA features for image acquisition.
- Directly access to bits of an image.
- Manage color palette of an image.
- Quantize & reduce colors of an image.
- Apply rotations, mirror & flips.
- Read & write Metadata such as EXIF tags, Thumbnail tags, GPS tags & IPTC tags.
- Apply color mapping & ICC profiles to RGB and CMYK images.
- Remove automatically borders of an image.
- Auto-Deskew an image.
- Apply filters and effects.
- Cleanup image (despeckle bitonal images, remove lines & noise, repair characters...).
- Merge and overlay Images.
- Generate PDF & PDF/A.
- Extract & search text from a PDF.
- Generate searchable PDF/A...
Version 10.2.5
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